Friday, January 25, 2008

Heath Ledger is dead

When I started this blog - my main concern was for it not to turn into some knock off Perez Hilton site that contained posts with me bitching about celebrities. Believe me, I want to bitch. I like to bitch. The industry of Hollywood as a whole interests me greatly. Or more so - the industry of entertainment. Television, books, movies, video games - you name it. I have an escapist mentality when it comes to my outlook of life - and the advent of being able to buy TV shows on DVD have really -placated- this aspect about me. I enjoy -good- television shows. I want to know the process behind how it was filmed - how it was written - trivia. Did you know that the entire third season of 24 was shot with Kiefer Sutherland wearing a cast since he broke his foot? Did you know that the dynamic for hour long television show scripts had to shift GREATLY when most shows started to run with four commercial breaks as opposed to three? These behind the scenes issues with the industry are what I'm all about. Now ... I want to talk about Mr. Ledger - who I am sure will play the best Joker since Mark Hamil ( Luke skywalker ) but I will save that for another time. I'll leave you with this link to a ytmnd site that sort of tributes Heath. At first it might seem in bad taste but if you know anything about Heath then I feel this is a fitting tribute to him as an actor, a person in the limelight and as a person in general. Warning! NSFW!

Heath says goodbye:
(You'll need sound on for the full effect)

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Sissy Biscuit said...

A celebrity website? Really? You only know shit about Sarah Michelle Gellar and Veronica Mars, Kyle. And by "shit" I mean, "desktop backgrounds."